Learning Objectives

Phy.2.3 Analyze the nature of moving charges and electric circuits.
Phy.2.3.1 Explain Ohm’s law in relation to electric circuits.
Phy.2.3.2 Differentiate the behavior of moving charges in conductors and insulators.
Phy.2.3.3 Compare the general characteristics of AC and DC systems without calculations.
Phy.2.3.4 Analyze electric systems in terms of their energy and power.
Phy.2.3.5 Analyze systems with multiple potential differences and resistors connected in series and parallel circuits, both conceptually and mathematically, in terms of voltage, current and resistance.



Magnetic Induction
Series vs. Parallel Circuits
AC vs. DC 
Electric Motors
Ohm’s Law


Physlet Sims on Electromagnetism
Physlet Sims on Circuits