Phy.2.2 Analyze the behavior of waves.
Phy.2.2.1 Analyze how energy is transmitted through waves, using the fundamental characteristics of waves: wavelength, period, frequency, amplitude, and wave velocity.
Phy.2.2.2 Analyze wave behaviors in terms of transmission, reflection, refraction and interference.
Phy.2.2.3 Compare mechanical and electromagnetic waves in terms of wave characteristics and behavior (specifically sound and light).



Transverse vs. Longitudinal Waves
Properties of Waves
Wave Mechanics
Interference, Reflection, and Diffraction
Intro to Electromagnetic Spectrum
Electromagnetic and Visible Light Spectrum
Quantitative EM 


Wave on a String
Wave Interference
Bending Light

PhET Sound Waves
Physlet Sims for Harmonic Motion
Physlet Sims for Waves & Oscillations
Physlet Sims for Sound
Physlet Sims for Optics